Sunday, 17 September 2017

Turbinoplasty, Now Breathe Easily

Turbinoplasty is a surgical procedure to remove the turbinate bones in the nasal passage.Turbinoplasty is mainly aimed to treat nasal turbinate enlargement and improves breathing and sinus drainage. There is the various condition of the nose including allergies that cause the turbinate bone to swell when these bones are inflamed, we experience nasal congestion which causes difficulty in breathing.

The turbinates can be reduced in the size and repositioned to permit a large nasal airway by surgery. The surgery is known as Turbinoplasty as the turbinate are reshaped and repositioned by performing the surgery. The surgery is also known as a turbinectomy that includes the removal of turbinate bones in the nasal passage. Turbinoplasty is not the first option for patients experiencing nasal congestion. It is only recommended when treatment including medication and therapy has failed to treat. Correcting the turbinate bones by surgery can improve breathing and reduces snoring at night.
The factors causing Blockage in Nasal Passage When turbines are too bulky then it causes blockage in the nasal passages. Allergies can also cause turbinate bones and tissues to swell and obstruct the nasal passages. Deviated septum

Turbinoplasty is performed by using any of following methods.

  •  Out fracture approach 
  • Coblation
  •  Extramural turbinate reduction 

Why Turbinoplasty is Performed?
 If you have trouble breathing through your nose because the airways are swollen or blocked. Other treatments, such as allergy medicines, allergy shots, and nose sprays have not helped in your breathing.

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