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What To Except After Septoplasty ?

Do you feel difficulty in breathing after an injury to the nose???
Then it might be because of deviated septum, which makes the nasal passage smaller and causes difficulty in breathing
You are not late!!!! If you are the one suffering from this, then do septoplasty, the surgical treatment to correct the deviated septum.
Now let's  know more about septoplasty .....

The septum is a wall that divides nose into two separate nostrils. It is made from the bone and cartilage. A condition of deviated septum happened when nose septum is moved to the one side of the nose.

What are the symptoms of a deviated septum?

Generally, many people are born with a deviated septum but it can also occur due to an injury to the nose. People with a deviated septum have a smaller nasal passage which is much smaller than the other septum. This stage causes difficulty in breathing. Other symptoms include facial pain and nose bleeding.

What is the treatment for the deviated septum?

Surgery is the only way to repair the deviated septum. The surgery for a deviated septum is known as septoplasty. Septoplasty is a surgical process which is performed to repair a deviated nasal septum. When the cartilage that separates nostrils is displaced from its position, a stage of the deviated septum has occurred. A deviated septum can develop breathing problems, pain, and bleeding. Septoplasty is used to align the alignment of the septum that further improves airflow through the nose. It is an outpatient procedure. AUM ENT clinic is the best ENT clinic in Andheri, Mumbai.

What is the septoplasty procedure?

A septoplasty procedure takes around 30 to 90 minutes to perform, which depends on the problem complexity and condition. In septoplasty, a surgeon has developed an incision on the one side of the nose to reach to the septum. Then, the surgeon lifts up the mucous membrane. The mucous membrane is a protective membrane that covers the septum. Further, the surgeon realigns the deviated septum in the right position. In this process, any barriers such as extra pieces of cartilage or bone are removed to complete the process. The mucous membrane is repositioned after the surgery. The doctors of AUM ENT clinic, Mumbai are specialized for performing septoplasty.

AUM ENT clinic, Mumbai provides specialized ENT treatment facilities in Andheri, Mumbai. The clinic has all the latest facilities to treat nose surgeries and other problems.


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