Friday, 20 November 2015

Eminent ENT Specialist in Mumbai

 ENT specialist is one who deals with Ear, Nose & Throat defects. The defects may be either by birth or by some sort of accidents. An expert, diagnose the defects and provide a solution for it. Of these three areas we are going to discuss about the abnormalities on the ear and it's corresponding surgeriesAs ears are part of our auditory system, a defect in ear may cause imbalance in our body.

  • Myringoplasty is one of the major types of ear surgery. This is done when an individual is affected with unwanted accumulation of calcium in the ear drum, deposits of fluid, hole in an ear drum and so on.
  • Another type of surgery is Mastoidectomy which is executed on the human skull through which the defaced mastoid air cells are detached. These surgery is performed mainly because of certain ear infection.
  • Inside the middle ear there are three bones, Malleus, Incus and Stapes. If stapes is damaged or harmed in any way then Stapedectomy is performed.
  • If there is a deformity in the ear lobes then Auroplasty has to be done. 
  • Ossiculoplasty is done to the patients who suffer from defects with their ossicles. Ossicles reside in the middle ear and damage of these bone may results to hear loss.
  • Tympanoplasty or eardrum repair refers to the surgery performed to rebuild a perforated tympanic membrane or small bones located in the middle ear.

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