Wednesday, 14 June 2017

True Remedy for Ear Problems

   Mastoid is a part of skull located behind the ear, looks like honey comb, it is made of bone and filled with air cells. A Mastoidectomy is a surgical procedure which removes diseased mastoid cells and the disease may be due to an infection of the ear that spread into the skull.

This surgical procedure is also used to treat the conditions which includes

  • cholesteatoma (the abnormal growth of the ear) 
  • middle ear infections 
  • mastoiditis  
  • abscess in the brain 
  • deafness 
  • dizziness 
  • facial paralysis 
  • meningitis 
  • ongoing ear drainage

Types of Mastoidectomy

    The following are the five different types of Mastoidectomy: 
  • Radical Mastoidectomy: In radical mastoidectomy meatoplasty and exteriorisation of middle ear and also the removal of posterior and superior canal wall is done. 
  •  Modified Radical Mastoidectomy: This procedure involves treating disease affecting only the epitympanum,This is done without affecting the uninvolved middle ear, the diseased area and the portion of adjacent superior and posterior canal are simply exteriorised. In the second-stage operation, the structures are preserved to reconstruct the hearing mechanism.  
  • Canal Wall Up Mastoidectomy: This procedure is taken a facial recess approach and the posterior and superior canal wall are kept intact. 
  •   Canal Wall Down Mastoidectomy: This procedure involves the removal of posterior and superior canal wall (Meatoplasty) and the tympanic membrane is left in place.
  • Cortial Mastoidectomy: also known as schwartz procedure is typically done for mastoiditis. It is done by removing the mastoid air cells without affecting the middle ear.

Mastoidectomy procedure

    A mastoidectomy is usually performed by using general anesthesia. During mastoidectomy, the surgeon usually:
  • Makes a cut behind the ear to access the mastoid bone. 
  • By using a small drill and a microscope the mastoid bone is drill to open. 
  • Then makes the surgical area free of bone dust by using a suction irrigation. 
  • The infected air cells are then drill out and the operative site is stitched up.
  • The operation site is covered with gauze to keep the wound clean and dry.
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