Tuesday, 10 January 2017

ENT Clinic in Mumbai

Dr.Shilesh Pandey’s AUM ENT CLINIC offers  treatment services including ear surgeries, nose surgeries, throat surgeries and  other services including dermal fillers,  blepharoplasty, brow lift surgery etc.
AUM ENT CLINIC introduce the best ENT Surgeon in Mumbai  specialized in endoscopic sinus surgery, head neck cancer, thyroid surgery and disorders.
ENT Clinic in Mumbai offers world class  treatment facilities at an affordable cost.


Common allergy problems includes the following :

  • Allergic Rhinitis - symptoms of this disease includes sneezing, runny nose, nasal and head congestion etc.
Ear related problems includes the following :
  • Meniere’s disease - Symptoms includes hearing loss,earache, feeling of blockage in the ear.
  • Acoustic Neuroma - It causes tinnitus, balance problems etc.
  • Earwax - It causes temporary hearing loss.
  • Otosclerosis - It causes conductive hearing loss.
  • Tinnitus  -  Symptoms includes hearing loss, prevention of normal transmission of sound.
Nose related problems includes the following :
  • Sleep Apnea - Snoring happens when there is a barrier to the free stream of air through the entries in the back of the mouth and nose.
  • Nosebleed - Two types of nosebleeds in common. It includes anterior and posterior nosebleeds.
Anterior nosebleeds : This sort of nosebleed starts by flowing blood out from one of the nostril while the patient is sitting or standing.
Posterior nose bleeds : A nosebleed can start high and profound inside of the nose and stream down the back of the mouth and throat, regardless of the possibility that the patient is sitting or standing.
  • Sinusitis - The sinuses are the most confused areas of ENT. "Sinusitis" refers  to an irritation and contamination in the sinuses
Throat related problems includes the following :
  • Vocal cord lesions - Vocal rope injuries, otherwise called vocal fold sores, are non cancerous developments that incorporate knobs, polyps, and sores. All can bring about raspiness and are commonly connected with vocal abuse or vocal line injury.
  • Thyroidectomy - A thyroidectomy is an operation that includes the surgical evacuation of all or part of the thyroid organ.

AUM ENT CLINIC is well equipped and offers high quality health care services. Don’t hesitate to contact us if you are facing severe ear, nose and throat  problems. Improve your health conditions with the best ENT clinic in Mumbai. 


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